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I am interested in volunteering. What do I do now?

First, you need to believe that JATONET Kenya is the right organization for you. Learn about us: our programs, our goals, and our members. Click here for more information on volunteering........

NEWS ....
This year marks a great milestone for JATONET. We have finally launched our 
website and out it goes to the entire world. You are welcome to visit 
with us give us your observation and help support our cause for a 
sustainable world. Read More........
 As a minority group they have suffered several backlashes in pursuit of education, recognition and even appointment to public leadership position yet the Kenyan constitution clause 56(a-e) guarantees that no one shall be discriminated against read more here.....


WHAT IS NEW........................

- JATONET has partnered with NETFUND on clean cook stove Prototype and business plan!!!

- JATONET CBO in conjunction with Kenya Forestry research Institute (KEFRI)  Field Day on 27th Feb 2015!!!

-  The rehabilitation of the Siboti Hills Bungoma County by JATONET Kenya!!!

Become a friend of JATONET

JATONET is a rapidly growing organization and needs funds to meet its financial demands as its sets its five year strategic plan in place to meet all the objectives listed.

 Being an non - profit much of our funds are raised through volunteer donations and contribution this is where we appeal for you to sign up as a friend of JATONET starting at $5 per month as a Three Star member,$20 as Four Star and $50 at Five Star. 

Your contribution will go away to ensure JATONET runs its core business effectively and with efficiency.

Breaking News........!!!!!!!

Bungoma High court nullified the appointment of 13 County chief officers after the BONGOMEK Community Successfully presented a petition in the court after they were denied any post by the Bungoma County public service board. 
Through its lawyer Bongomek argued that there was discrimination and a lack of affirmative action of minorities in contravention with articles 10(2b),19(2),23(3),27(4) and 56(a-e) of the Kenyan constitution. more.....

JATONET is a legally registered Community Based Organization in Kenya founded in 2007 with an extensive coverage in the entire Bungoma County through its 30 volunteers based group networks in the 9 Sub-Counties. As an award winning solution based organization, it focuses on Environmental Conservation, Eco-Tourism, social-cultural diversity and Green energy.
 JATONET collaborates with NEMA-National Environment Management Authority,Kenya Forestry Research Institute(KEFRI), County’s strategic planners on environmentally sustainable projects integrated with economic, social and cultural sustainability. It anchors its work and mandate on the Country’s new constitution, where the Bill of Rights mandates each citizen to enjoy their rights. 
In this regard JATONET with its dedicated team of professionals works with County Governments, rural families, women, children, community, self help groups, CSOs, donors and other development agencies to ensure the community rights are upheld and rights to basic services such as clean water, good health and sustainable livelihoods are available for even the rural poor and other vulnerable groups at an affordable cost. Other guiding threshold is contained in Rio 2000, Copenhagen,MDGs and SDGs.                                                 
Our HQ is located in Bungoma town, Muteremuko RD, opposite to Nabukelema Steel Works; 30 Km away from the Kenya-Uganda border. It is 450 Km northwest of Nairobi, capital city of Kenya. Many main activities are within the western region and Mt. Elgon ecological zone with its diverse fauna and flora, quite unique for adventure.
We need your support in the following:

$5     Buy a bamboo clean energy stove for a female headed household.

$5     Provide a daily allowance to a workshop volunteer for travel to and from his workstation.

$10    Provide 6 stems of bamboo seedling to a vulnerable household.

    Will enable JATONET family visit to medical clinic

$20   Will buy uniform and scholastic materials for a Bongomek girl to go to attend school   regularly.

$20   Feeds a JATONET member family for two weeks working on Bamboo farm on maintenance work.
Funds a moso giant bamboo plant providing JATONET food and timber for 70 years

$50    Provide a communication mobile tool for community volunteer person

$100   Provide Income Generating Activity to a women group


$260   Restores one room or reed roof in the Bamboo Village

$600   Sends one Bongomek girl /boy to a boarding secondary school   for one year

$1,800  Pays a friend of Jatonet mentor to oversee a business plan and provide support to three women entrepreneurs.   

Donate Today  for a better tomorrow!!!!
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